Casing Saw  


Model 845

Equipment Features

  • Versatile, precision saw engineered for high production cutting of different sizes of trim material
  • Easily adjustable for right or left legs and headers
  • Features automatic 45-degree and 90-degree saw positioning
  • Equipped to make both spline and biscuit cuts
  • Cuts casing from 2- ¼ ” to 3- ½ ” wide lengths of up to 8′
  • Processor controlled with smart logic to prevent miscalculation of cuts
  • Cuts made from top down with powerful 1- ½ HP motors to prevent fraying and chipping
  • Gravity fed operation for fast, easy loading
  • Material indexed to a positive stop to yield extremely accurate cuts
  • Comes with manufacturer’s standard 1 year warranty



Gross weight approx. 2,000 pounds
Measures approx. 10′ x 10′ x 11′
Cycle time approx. 30 seconds
Air requirements 120 psi at 20cfm (minimum ½” diameter unrestricted line)
Electrical requirements 120V single-phase at 15 amps (power provided from door machine)


Available Options

Parts Kit for fast handling of user-replaceable parts