Door Assembly Machine  


Model 1296

Model 1296 Door Assembly Machine
Equipment Features

  • Rotation of doors not required for left-hand or right-hand orientation
  • Frame header may be inserted at either end for handling left-hand or right-hand doors
  • Doors automatically lowered onto Assembly Machine table from Pre-Hung Door Machine (996E-TS), eliminating the need for manual lifting or repositioning
  • Machine automatically clamps the door and fires the appropriate guns to ensure safe operation
  • Fitted with one staple gun per corner in unique mountings that provide for automatic or variable firing of up to four staples each
  • Two additional framing guns may be mounted midway to nail the strike jamb to the door in preparation for shipping
  • Upon completion, the table lifts the assembled door for easy, roll-out removal from the machine
  • Handles doors from 6′ 8″ to 8′ in height, from 1′ to 4′ in width, and from 1- 3/8″ to 1- ¾” thick
  • Comes with manufacturer’s standard 1 year warranty



Gross weight approx. 1,800 pounds
Measures approx. 10′ x 6′ x 4′
Cycle time approx. 30 seconds
Air requirements 110psi at 24cfm air supply (minimum ¾” diameter unrestricted line)
Electrical requirements none


Available Options

Two additional staple guns can be added for securing split jambs

Two Duplex staple guns (shown above) to fasten the strike jamb to door in preparation for shipping

to the manufactured door as final preparation for shipping

Parts Kit for fast handling of user-replaceable parts