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Advantages of Leasing

100% Financing:
Our lease programs will cover 100% of your equipment   cost including installation and freight. Builders Automation can also   originate it’s own financing without outside vendors.          
Tax Advantages:
The profits earned from the use of your leased   equipment will pay for the monthly payments, and you can write off each   payment as a business expense.          
Little or No Down Payment:
We consider the unique needs of each industry and   business owner. Small up-front costs make leasing very attractive.          
Save Credit Lines:
The financial benefits of leasing are more long term   than standard loan packages, and conserves existing bank lines for working   capital, discount purchases, or short term emergencies.          
Working Capital:
Leasing will preserve working capital for greater   profits. Companies can generally earn more money by investing in inventories   or simply investing in gainful opportunities rather than putting hard-earned   profits into long term equipment assets that depreciate in value.          
Budget Constraints:
Our lease programs will help you get the new equipment that budget restrictions may not allow. All you will have is a low monthly payment to put that much needed equipment into operation,fast.