Service Program  

The Builders Automation service team is available for all your machinery repairs. We don’t just work on our own equipment, but also on Norfield, KVAL, Full House, RUVO and WISE equipment. Years of experience allows us to fix just about anything that may need repair. We have numerous programs available to meet your needs. Please call us at 727-538-2180 to discuss your situation.

Telephone Service

Qualified technicians are available to handle your problems from 7 AM to 5 PM EST, M-F.

Scheduled Service

We can schedule an appointment to have a factory technician at your shop in short order, for a very reasonable cost, keeping your production line up and running. Other calls in the area are done at the same time to help lower the costs.

Express Service

For emergencies, when you need next day service, we offer you expedited service. The cost of expedited service is the same as the normally scheduled service, except that airfare is more expensive without an advance reservation.

Preventative Service

Tailored programs are set up with individual customers to provide regularly scheduled service to help prevent costly breakdowns. Semi-annual maintenance is recommended.