Door Equipment  

We provide all the equipment necessary to produce prehung doors in a quick and easy manner.

The Door Line starts with the Door Loader that can accommodate stacks of doors 6 foot high. It will pick up each door one-by-one and load it into the Door Machine. The Door Loader and the Door Machine are communicating with each other to ensure the proper timing of the door loading process.

The Door Machine will drill the lock bore and latch, as well as mortise the hinge pockets. The Door Machine can be fitted with Hinge Applicators which will place and fasten the hinges onto the door and jamb. If needed, the Door Machine can also be fitted with a 3 Degree Option to be used with doors that have a 3 degree bevel. It will route the hinge pockets also at a 3 degree angle so the hinges will lay flush. The Door Machine can also be furnished with the optional Vacuum System which will keep the amount of sawdust down and ensure optimal operation from the machines.

Next the door is placed on the Door Assembly Machine where the jamb head and legs are assembled around the door. Now the prehung door is ready for the casing. The Casing Saw cuts the 45 degree ends of the casing heads and legs, and also cuts them to size.

If ball catches are required for the doors, the Door Loader can be fitted with the optional Ball Catch Drill Unit that will prep the top of the door before it’s loaded into the Door Machine and the Ball Catch Mortise Machine will prep the jamb header before it goes into the Door Assembly Machine.

The T-Astragal Router will prep the door and the t-astragal for the appropriate hardware.