The Door Line

Door Loader

Allow for automated feeding of doors into the machining equipment, reducing the demands of the operator

996 Door Machine

Routes the door and hinge jamb for the three or four hinges, routes the lock mortise, and applies hinges. The machine also prepares the strike jamb

Assembly Table

Attaches left and right jambs to the header jamb after aligning and clamping the assembly in place

Ball Catch Drill Conveyor Table

845 Casing Saw

Cuts casing for doors and windows

CNC Door Light Cutout Machine

Cuts door lights on entry doors

Stop Stitcher

Sill Router

Hinge Router

Strike Jamb Router

Centurion Vertical Door Machine

Flip Tables

Renegade SR-2000 Exterior Jamb Router

Renegade Aerial Steel Door
Light Insert, Flip, & Tilt Table

Renegade Aerial Steel Door
Light Insert & Flip Table

Renegade Aerial Steel Door Brick Mould

Renegade Roller Tilt Table

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