Assembly Table

  • Rotation of doors not required for left-hand or right-hand orientation
  • Frame header may be inserted at either end for handling left-hand or right-hand doors
  • Doors automatically lowered onto Assembly Machine table from Pre-Hung Door Machine (996E-TS), eliminating the need for manual lifting or repositioning
  • Machine automatically clamps the door and fires the appropriate guns to ensure safe operation
  • Fitted with one staple gun per corner in unique mountings that provide for automatic or variable firing of up to four staples each
  • Two additional framing guns may be mounted midway to nail the strike jamb to the door in preparation for shipping
  • Upon completion, the table lifts the assembled door for easy, roll-out removal from the machine
  • Handles doors from 6′ 8″ to 8′ in height, from 1′ to 4′ in width, and from 1- 3/8″ to 1- ¾” thick
  • Comes with manufacturer’s standard 1 year warranty


Gross Weight Approx. 1,800 pounds
Measures Approx. 10′ x 6′ x 4′
Cycle time Approx. 30 seconds
Air Requirements 110psi at 24cfm air supply (minimum ¾” diameter unrestricted line)
Electrical Requirements None

Available Options

  • Two additional staple guns can be added for securing split jambs

  • Two Duplex staple guns (shown above) to fasten the strike jamb to door in preparation for shipping to the manufactured door as final preparation for shipping

  • Parts Kit for fast handling of user-replaceable parts

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