Setup and Training

Efficient, knowledgeable operation and on-going preventative maintenance spells a trouble free machine. Builders Automation sends a field service technician to your location for a majority of its machinery sales. This insures that the final set-up and training of your personnel on the complete operation and maintenance of the machine is to our ridgid factory specifications. Setup and training is available for all new or rebuilt, or reconditioned equipment.

Service Program

The Builders Automation service team is available for all your machinery repairs. We don’t just work on our own equipment, but also on Norfield, KVAL, Full House, RUVO and WISE equipment. Years of experience allows us to fix just about anything that may need repair. We have numerous programs available to meet your needs. Please contact us to discuss your situation.

Telephone Service

Qualified technicians are available to handle your problems from 7 AM to 5 PM EST, M-F.

Scheduled Service

We can schedule an appointment to have a factory technician at your shop in short order, for a very reasonable cost, keeping your production line up and running. Other calls in the area are done at the same time to help lower the costs.

Express Service

For emergencies, when you need next day service, we offer you expedited service. The cost of expedited service is the same as the normally scheduled service, except that airfare is more expensive without an advance reservation.

Preventative Service

Tailored programs are set up with individual customers to provide regularly scheduled service to help prevent costly breakdowns. Semi-annual maintenance is recommended.

Shop Layout and Material Flow

Efficient material flow in a door or stair shop is key for production and profitability. Builders Automation has an industry legacy and reputation of freely helping companies throughout the country layout their shop for maximum and accurate material flow. We use the most modern methods and equipment, along with AutoCAD, to customize a shop layout for any situation. We consider the placement of man power, machinery, power connections, airlines, material storage areas, staging areas, and complete material flow. This service is essential for new and existing shops.We don’t leave you without every competitive advantage available.


Builders Automation will gladly take your old equipment for trade-in on the purchase of new, and rebuilt equipment. To ensure the best quote, let us know know the model, manufacturer, and year of your machine, and please send a picture. We will reply promptly. We can also purchase your machine outright depending on the market demand.


Let Builders Automation help you craft a leasing/financing plan for new and rebuilt machinery.

Advantages of Leasing

100% Financing
Our lease programs will cover 100% of your equipment cost including installation and freight. Builders Automation can also originate it’s own financing without outside vendors.
Tax Advantages
The profits earned from the use of your leased equipment will pay for the monthly payments, and you can write off each payment as a business expense.
Little or No Down Payment
We consider the unique needs of each industry and business owner. Small up-front costs make leasing very attractive.
Save Credit Lines
The financial benefits of leasing are more long term than standard loan packages, and conserves existing bank lines for working capital, discount purchases, or short term emergencies.
Working Capital
Leasing will preserve working capital for greater profits. Companies can generally earn more money by investing in inventories or simply investing in gainful opportunities rather than putting hard-earned profits into long term equipment assets that depreciate in value.
Budget Constraints
Our lease programs will help you get the new equipment that budget restrictions may not allow. All you will have is a low monthly payment to put that much needed equipment into operation, fast.


Builders Automaion warranties their new machines against defects in workmanship under normal use and service for a period of one year, and remanufactured machines for a period of six months, from the date of shipment from the warehouse in Largo, Florida. All obligations and liabilities under this warranty are limited to repairing or replacing, at our option F.O.B. shipping origin, of such allegedly defective parts as are returned, freight charges prepaid. All repairs or replacements are made subject to our final inspection of returned parts. No liability is accepted for consequential damage or installation labor.

This warranty is void if the machinery is not lubricated and maintained according to the instructions provided in the operating and maintenance manuals and during the initial set up of the equipment, or if alterations or adaptations are made to the machinery without prior written authorization by Builders Automation or by someone other than a Builders Automation technician, or if the machinery has been subject to misapplication, misuse, negligence, accident or tampering in such a way as to affect its normal performance.

Warranty on any new equipment or accessories furnished by outside manufacturers shall be limited to the warranty of the respective equipment and/or accessory manufacturer for such units. Blades, bits, cutters and cutting tools are not covered under this warranty.

Builders Automation will not assume responsibility for contingent liability through the alleged failure or failures of its products or accessories.

Builders Automation reserves the right to change, at any time, specifications, designs or prices without notice and without incurring obligations.

Contact Us

Please let us know if you have any questions or if we can help you with anything.

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