Wedge Saw

  • Automatically produces wood wedges used to lock stair treads and risers into slots in stair stringers
  • Upright guide expandable to hold up to 40 pieces of wood at one time
  • Rapid change over to cut glue blocks for more efficient operation
  • Once cycle started, hands-free use for labor saving utilization
  • Enables you to easily change size or angle without tools saving time and improving productivity
  • Utilizes 1- ½ HP saw that automatically cuts pieces up to 9- ½”W by 11- ½”L
  • Operator panel includes key start and e-stop controls for saw motor and start/stop control for pneumatic system that coordinates all machine motions
  • Capable of producing wedges of varying thickness on alternate strokes of the saw
  • Scrap material is ejected under the machine, and the wedges are discharged into user-supplied hoppers
  • An included discharge chute diverter separates automatically and directs wedges of different thicknesses (produced on alternate saw strokes) into separate hoppers (user supplied)
  • Sawdust carried away from the saw guard pick-up through a 3″ diameter hose
  • Comes with manufacturer’s standard 1 year warranty


Gross Weight Approx. 480 pounds
Measures Approx. 3′ x 4′ x 8′
Production Up to 900 wedges per hour
Air Requirements 110psi at 12cfm
(minimum ¾” diameter unrestricted line)
Electrical Requirements 208/230V 3-phase at 12 amps

Available Options

  • Multi-Bag Portable Vacuum/Dust Collector (requires 240V single-phase at 25 amps)

  • Parts Kit for fast handling of user-replaceable parts

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