996 Door Machine

  • This prehung door machine is comprised of tried and true technology that is 35 years in the making.
  • The 996-TS Door Machine has the ability to route all 4 hinges and the jamb on an 8 foot door, bore the lock or deadbolt at 2-3/8″ or 2-3/4″ backset and drill and mortise the latch at almost any location.
  • The door drilling locations can be set differently for the left and right hand door if desired.
  • A unique feature of this door machine is the ability to prep the strike jamb for lock bore or deadbolt locations.
  • The 996-TS uses the same operator to do all these tasks greatly reducing total man-hours invested in each door while eliminating double handling them and improving logistics.
  • This door machine is coming equipped with more standard options than any other prehung door equipment in the industry.
  • It comes with dust collection attachments on every cutting part of the equipment.
  • It also has a system called the Automatic Door Positioner (ADP) which gives the door machine operator more freedom not having to touch the door at all.
  • The 996-TS is also equipped with a high quality large touch screen.
  • This gives the door machine operator a quick and easy avenue to select the size of the door, the size of the hinge, the location of the deadbolt or lockbore, and an easy, sure way to turn features on and off.
  • All of these can be done either in English or in Spanish for the bilingual areas of the world.
  • The 996-TS Prehung Door Machine also has the ability to do self diagnostics with easy to understand directions to keep it trouble free.
  • This Door Machine also has more options available to it than any other door equipment.
  • It has automated hinge application equipment, predrilling, 3 degree route or flush route, Door Loader, Door Loader with Beveller / De-beveller, Ball Catch Drill Units and Assembly Table.
  • These options are designed to be installed in our plant or in the field.
  • This way the customer has the ability to start out with a fully automated prehung door machine and add these high quality options in the future to increase their production even higher.
  • We at Builders Automation are proud to supply you with fast, reliable, low-maintenance prehung door equipment at a low cost with that of the best service and experience in the industry.


Gross Weight Approx 6,600 pounds base model (9,000 pounds with 4 hinge applicators)
Measures Approx 12′ x 8′ x 8′
Cycle time Approx. 30 seconds for all door sizes
Air Requirements 120 psi at 20cfm for base model (minimum 1″ diameter unrestricted line), 35cfm with applicators, and 60cfm with Applicators and Loader
Electrical Requirements 208/230V three-phase at 70 amps
Note Must install grounding rod for processor protection

Available Options

  • Flush, three degree hinge mortising.

  • Model 1296 Automatic Door Assembly Machine completes the pre-hung door process by adding and securing the jambs to the manufactured door as final preparation for shipping.

  • Model 1550 Hinge Applicators provide faster processing by virtually automating the hinge application process.

  • Model 2001 Door Loader can be set up inline for automatic positioning and loading of doors.

  • Multi-bag Portable Vacuum/Dust Collector (power supplied with Door Machine).

  • Parts Kit for fast handling of user-replaceable parts.

  • Pre-drill option to eliminate splitting jambs, puckering and assist in accurate screw placement.

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